2012 has been a year of change for a lot of people. Shifts in careers have been made by those who wanted to look into the possibilities of having something more fruitful and exciting. As time has wound down on the year that was, resolutions have been created by people from all walks of life.

If you happen to have somewhat felt that the routine you have been working on for the longest time has become a bit knackering and you wanted to spike things up a bit, you may just want to consider a few 2013 resolutions to make sure you still get fulfilled.


E-business You should usually be above what you expect of yourself to be able to push yourself a little more. Apart from the usual work stuff that you do  to make your clients satisfied, keep a few driving forces with you and work on them. like finding a stress-relief activity or going a bit out of your way to reach out to industry peers and help them in every way you know of. Doing it puts you in position where your peers and your clients see more of your potential for growth and a higher compensation.


business-solutions 02 Do no hesitate to get in touch with prospects whom you believe you’d be able to help out with. A lot of individuals and even businesses have got their hands full and are in time-critical situations that they needed to get as much quality-job completed for them. They haven’t got a lot of spare time to go through every proposal they receive, so you might as well make sure that yours catch their interest right away and be the first that they’d see.


jobseeker Do not be trigger-happy, grabbing all the projects that you can work on and compromise the quality of the work you would be doing. Always allow yourself enough time to think of what this project may bring to your table and the amount of effort you would need to accomplish it. Although there is nothing that warrants an absolute client’s reputation except for taking their word for it, you may have an idea of how reputable they are by checking their profile, the feedback they’ve got on the marketplace they’re in and check on the their verified payment method. You may also have a look at the history of their hiring and project requirements to be sure that you don’t get yourself into some kind of unworthy job.


More than starting and completing a business transaction, the marketplace banks more on the friendship and trust built by everyone. Clients would love to work with friends as they feel that there is a more open friendliness and ease of conveying messages as they move along. Make sure that you have the same initiative to have a clever repartee and friendly banter with your prospects and peers to get their confidence in you.

Building excellent online relationships with the people in the marketplace helps you become successful. Whenever you try to bring a message across to a peer or a client, show how much interest you’ve got about them and their business as the are willing to share them how they feel about it whilst being objective in the conversation.

By bringing them a human element on their table, it gives a strong belief that you’re no ordinary transaction virtual machine to do the job and it gives you an utmost advantage over others that may just be interested in getting their paycheques.


develop The key to success is your specialisation as this is what you’re going to do best. Although having a working knowledge of how other skills work may come in handy at times, this gets you and your clients confused as to how they would work with you and hand your project requirements out. Take advantage of your proficiency and use it as your strongest weapon whilst the other skills you may have that you still need to work on may be used as contingency and additional input. Never try to work on a tasks that require separate skills at the same time as it would most likely compromise the quality of the work you are really excellent at. Banking on your specialisation allows to you a great space to stand out and be different.

After you have achieved in one space, you may work on branching out to other areas. You can’t let yourself throw out an excessively wide net as it may keep you from being unique. After all, the option of partnering with a peer with a different skill set required for a project may also be available around. You may just have to build a partnership with them, too.


Work_in_progress To earn more, you need to carefully look at the going rate for the skill you have acquired and your specialisation – it deserves a fair price. The marketplace will always be filled with people who would want to bid lower, especially taking advantage of people who are just starting in the industry. But whether you’re “newbie” or a “veteran”, it is important that you are able to decide what you’re worth and stick to it. You can explain in your proposals and your interviews why hiring you may seem a bit more than their “low” bid and why you are more worth it. Exceptional skills wins over price for clients who would take a genuine interest in having quality work in their hands.


man in control After having completed a project, you may discuss with your client the possibility of being able to work on other areas of their business process. Most of the time, your clients have their hands full of other considerations and the possibilities of this variable may come in as a spur of the moment thing. By having this initiative, this may save them more time and money to find someone else who could work on it, allowing their time-critical requirements to be completed ahead of time,  whilst your credentials keep getting better and better.

What you need to work on in 2013 may include all of what has been talked about or just some of them. Moreover, they’re just the tip of the resolution iceberg. What you need to think of right now is how you can start achieving these goals. You may eventually begin to uncover areas allowing you to excel in and get hired. We are only in the first chapter of 52 workweeks and there is definitely an enormous amount of space to grow and improve. So, stand out and get the job.