But if you need to reach that shore of trusted success, you’ve got to kick and glide your arms through the endless waters of writing jobs and stay ahead in the competition.

There is an endless sea out there. Imagine roughly two hundred thousand writers and translation providers in various freelancing platforms.


What have you got to do to be noticed by an employer who wants something done exquisitely?

Mediocrity would only tell you to just tread and stay afloat . But until when?  Wouldn’t you want to get ahead in the game and reach the shore of success by working hard and giving what you believe was of your best knowledge and abilities?

Compare your writing to swimming. What businesses need these days are a combination of technicalities and aesthetics. Meaning, you’ve got to learn how to swim the strokes and also find a way to get your own gliding style.

freestyle swimming

Businesses need writers who keep the slack tight, put a hinge and perhaps a strong bolt on the loose ends, and get rid of the unnecessary. You’ve got to learn to do this to be on top of everything.


What you need to do is to hammer out the details of what you are about to write for your clients.


Let’s start with how you present yourself.

Whether you’re creating a freelancing profile on any online platform or writing a cover letter, you need to be able to sell yourself the way you expect your potential client to sell their products.

What you write about yourself would reflect on what they think you’ll write about their business.


If you present yourself in a manner that seems very mediocre and generic, you’re not likely to hear back from them.

Do not sell yourself short and present yourself in a way that they’d believe you know what you are doing and not just trying to tread on waters here.

As soon as you have gained their trust by getting you hired to do the job, you’re going to have to work harder.

Swimming does not stop at being able to do the bubbles as you go under the water. There’s so much more to it.

As soon as you are told the requirements, you need to get the ball rolling. Slacking is not an option here.

How do you begin hammering out the points that you need to bring across?



Do not fail to look for answers that you need to give your clients. The reason you were assigned to do the writing job is to give answers to your readers. You won’t be able to write about it if you won’t get into the realm of Google and filtering all the information it shows you.

One search result is not enough.  You need to find some other data that you can cross check with before you even begin to come up with creative literary juices.



When you’ve read enough and you feel you already have a grip of what you are about to do, create a framework.

Swimmers do not just get into a competition. They plan ahead. They think of where to focus their kicks and their breathing on.

As a writer, you need to write down a framework so you would know where to focus more words on and make sure that no point is taken for granted.


As a writer, I always remind myself that what my audience reads matter to how successful I would become in this business.


Do not fail to remember that. What your clients’ prospects read, counts. So it’s up to you to give them something really engaging, informative, reader-friendly, and at the same time, SEARCHABLE by these complex Search Engine algorithms and processes. It’s true, as I quote an excerpt form a previous article I wrote for you, 

No Love Should Be Lost



There are ways that you can edit your piece and the Internet can teach you how to become an editor, like a professional. if you choose to write as a profession, you need to be able to continuously learn the way swimmers work consistently hard to perfect the sport.

Why do you have to edit your writing?

Read the article by clicking on the image for your guidance.



stay in touch

Do not forget the fact that you are working with someone here and not just writing for kicks. Remain in contact with your client or your project manager constantly throughout the job.

Coaches and trainers do not like to wait on their swimmers without having a clue. It goes the same with your employment as a writer. Let them know of how far you are at in the job on a regular interval.


Your trusted success also depends on your reliability.



If need be, you may allow yourself a 24 hour space before going over the written piece again to check for grammatical and spelling errors. It helps to have a clean slate and a blank state of mind before going over the consistency of your written work. When you edit and revise right away, after writing, you might just miss the obvious mistakes.

I mean you can’t just enter a swimming competition without finding your weakness and correcting your errors, can you?

Be committed to these tips and you are sure to be on top of your game.

As I always say, your written pieces define the kind of work that you do. Do not artificially design your articles to merely impress. It sounds fake and most people who are JUST treading the waters do that. Get interested in the project. If you feel that you will not be able to keep up with the kind of information you are required to write about, you may not have to push through with your proposal.


A lot of writers choose to take on projects they are not really cracked about, therefore compromising the quality of their work.

In parting, I’d also advise all of you, my fellow writers to be naturally curious. Sometimes, a little bit of skepticism helps you sharpen your perspectives. Ask the relevant questions and clarify points that seem vague.

Do not just stay afloat in the waters of this writing career that you are in.

cat treading water

Learn to use your creativity and combine them with the technical knowledge that you need to, in the same way that swimmers train and throw in their hard work as they need to win the game.