– Not That Your Current One’s Not Working –

Business 2 Business Marketing MindMapFor Business-2-Business companies, inbound marketing seem to be a little hard to manage properly. Obviously, this process moves so fact across different platforms on the Internet. There are your online social channels, how you build your content, and measures to define how things are working. With all of these on their plate, it is a little baffling for businesses to find out where to begin.

Clearly, it is crucial that you know the basics before digging in deeper and grasping the nitty-gritty.

Once you’ve gotten a grip of a campaign you can easily manage, you can start putting the pieces of this puzzle together. A brilliant expansion of a simple marketing strategy, branching it out effectively to different channels, can bring you a significant increase in your inbound leads.

To help you with it, have a look at the four, considerably the best, ways to begin improving your inbound marketing funnel.

0001Keep An Eye On Your Leads

An online marketing technique should have an effective tracking of leads – where they come from and how it impacts your conversion to sales. By having an efficient way to monitor your leads, you will see how your efforts pay off. This will also help you determine the channels that gain the highest and most qualified enquiries.


If you haven’t got an idea how to do it, you can check Google Analytics. It offers a cheap and very basic way of analysing the number of people visiting your website. This includes the “keywords” that people usually use to get to the website they want to go to – including keyword and phrases that generate the most conversion from leads to sales.

You can also consider using ResponseTap’s call tracking services. This will help you find out which one of your marketing channels generates the most number of phone call enquiries (inbound leads). Doing this will help you determine which of your marketing channels should have a higher marketing budget.

0002Work On The Improvement Of Public Relations and Search Engine Optimisation

webanalyticsSearch Engine Optimisation has started to become an exhausting task lately. It demands so much of one’s time due to changes here and there – not to mention that the process is still quite undefined. Now if you combine your public relations efforts and your SEO expertise, your site may be able to get ahead in the search-engine-crawling game. While a lot of businesses spend time and effort on writing as guest bloggers on various sites/blogs in exchange for a link to their own, you can focus on the components on your site. This could be any “linkable asset: that has to do with your line of business. Naturally, people will become interested in it because it’s informative and fresh.

Afterwards, you can get in touch with related magazines, blogs, and other online publications and ask them to link to your piece. This will benefit both of you, and the search engine crawlers can give you a result-spot higher than your previous one.

0003Talk To Your Visitors. Everyone Loves A Good Story

telling a storyIf you have observed, the most successful B2B websites tell stories in their pages rather than presenting what they are. It’s an unspoken rule. It is always best to tell them a story. While you have ten seconds to make an impression on your home or landing page, once your visitor gets in, they want to be interested in what you can tell them, and be informed at the same time. Don’t bank on telling them how and why your business turns out to be the best and the greatest. It doesn’t engage them. Show them what they came in for, talk to them about what they need.

If you want to give them something more, leave them an option. Downloadable whitepapers and documents, together with a link to a more detailed business profile can be considered. It’s like telling your house guest an amusing story and offering them an option to look at the photos of that story in the album on the table.

Don’t take your visitors into an endless trail of clues to find what they came in for. If your guest asks for a glass of water, do not give them a tour of your kitchen. Remember, that most of your website visitors may be busy or in a hurry. They want to find what they’re looking for immediately. Otherwise, they’d be ready to click on the next page on the search results.

0004Once You’ve Got Them, Take Care Of Them

lead-nurturingDo not leave your leads an opportunity to go elsewhere. Once you’ve gotten a hold of a quality and valid lead, do what is necessary to keep them interested in your offering until they are ready to buy.

Reach out to your leads without sounding to pushy. Once they made an enquiry, respond to it within the next 24 hours with the quickest and clearest answer possible. Follow up within a few days with options to look into your range of products and services that you believe they will benefit from. They may not be looking into making an immediate purchase but what’s important is you made them aware you’ve got what they need. That will make them come back to you in the future.