LEAD NURTURING – A Small Business’ Guide To Taking Care of Prospects

nurturing leads 001With every blog or website talking about how to capture leads, we don’t so often bump into written pieces as to how you could take care of these leads so we can eventually convert them into buying customers.

Lead conversion is one of the most critical factors that can determine your business’ success. if you happen to have spent less on lead generation, obviously for the fact that online marketing is becoming more cost-effective as it progresses, you may consider reaping its rewards if you carefully work to convert these qualified leads into sales. As a small business, you can actually get on top of your lead nurturing strategy if you remind yourself that succeeding in taking care of these prospects should be a priority.

Lead nurturing does not have to be an expensive programme in your marketing process, unless you get leads by the hundreds. You only need to manage them effectively and consistently. There are lead nurturing softwares available in the market, like SaaS systems among others, but sometimes you only need something as simple and inexpensive like an Excel spreadsheet that will help you keep track of how much leads you have acquired vs. how much of those you can actually convert vs. how much has been turned into buying clients.

However you want to plan your nurturing process, you can refer to the following when implementing them:

Get Quality Leads

Do not think of setting inadequate pre-qualification for leads. Your sales funnel should be filled with prospects that you believe you can convert into buying customers. Quantity is a bit less important here that the quality of your prospects, especially if you’ve got limited resources for your sales.

Respond Immediately

You can do this through an automated or a manual response system – but you need to at least let them know though an automated alert that a detailed response will be sent to them immediately. Give them a plausible time scale as to when they should expect an answer from you. You might also want to include reference as to how and where they got in touch with you through. If the enquiry you received seemed a little vague, you may respond with additional questions to get to the bottom of what they need and how you can help them.

Commit To Your Promise

Get in touch with your lead within 24 hours or whatever time scale you have set for you to respond to their query. Set these frames based on industry and competition standards so you won’t overpromise or even fall short of what is expected.

Marketing Sales or Conversion FunnelGive Them Something Inviting

Just by interacting with you, your prospects may be expecting an initial value prior to doing business with you. Offer them something, like a piece of information, that they can use even if they do not choose to do business with you. Simple how-to articles related to your offers can do the work.

Pay Attention

Even if you’re only communicating with your prospects via email, you need to pay close attention to what they are looking for.

Show Them A Spot Where They Can Interact With You

With all available communication channels on the Internet, find a common ground where you can “sit down” and talk. You can direct them to your website page, your Social Media pages, or even provide an instant messaging account where both of you can be comfortable getting into the details of your prospective business together.

Ask Them If You Could Stay In Touch

Your continuous communication should depend on their permission. Ask them if they would allow you to call them or continue sending them emails.

Then Stay In Touch

Give them a quick recap of what your previous conversation was all about based on your how you captured their details in your system. Use this as a common topic for you to discuss. Find ways to keep their interest by actively staying in touch.

Give Them What You Believe They Need

By offering an extended value even if you have not closed a buying-selling deal yet, you can manage to get their confidence. Offering whitepapers, or a published material for their reference and guidance can help you make them believe that yours is a business they would want to trust.

lead trackingDo Not Forget To Track

Whatever you have talked about with your prospect, do not forget to jot it down your system. This will help you find out more stuff about them, aside from serving as your point of reference in your future communications.

Pay More Attention

This will include putting all related details together in one place for easy reference.

Ask To Proceed

Depending on your sales training and script, do not forego any chance of spotting that moment when your customer expresses a desire to purchase.

Their Referrals May Also Help

Do not wait for them to buy something from you first before asking for referrals. Your judgment is just as crucial at this point. Determine if your prospect is willing to let you know of their friends of relatives who may be willing to do business with you, even if you did not close the sale with them. Of course, for them to refer someone else, you need to make sure they’re happy with how you interacted with them.

Mistakes Are There To Learn From

By realising your shortcomings, you’ll be able then to make adjustments and make everything else work for the better. You can make improvements to your lead generation and nurturing program to tailor-fit to your business targets and your prospects. Experience is the best teacher at this point. Learn from your mistakes and come up with strategies for them not to happen again.

nurturing leads 006

These guidelines can guarantee help but it still all depends on how you can consistently manage your own lead nurturing programme. You may choose to avail of back-end systems to make it more convenient but they’re not very necessary for getting started, especially at a small scale. You only need to make sure that your strategies are do-able and can be maintained by a limited number of team members that you have. A systematic planning of how to implement your lead nurturing programme will not hurt.