HIRING FREELANCERS: 6 Things You Need To Know

Hiring a Freelancer 001Considering the number of things you need to accomplish to get your business going, hiring an independent contractor for specific or a group of tasks can save you a lot of time, money and give you an opportunity to the build a strong and trusted partnership with an extremely talented specialist to get the job done.

However, with so many freelance marketplaces around, you might find hiring decisions a bit challenging, especially when there are literally tens of thousands of plausible candidates ready to bid on your job advert. Not to mentions your own challenges in hiring compared to the traditional work environment. Consider this: when hiring online contractors, you would usually find it difficult to tell a lot of stuff. You might miss out on verbal cues, you can’t see them, shake their hands, and other factors. Hence, it can be considerably challenging to make a clever hiring decision in the Internet workforce.

Unfortunately, there is no brilliant recipe to choosing the right freelancer for you. However, there are six factors that you need to know and be on the lookout for when hiring a contractor through any platform you choose to get them from.

bullet-iconCheck the freelancer’s track record

Hiring A Freelancer 003Look at your candidate’s profile and see the reviews they have from people they have previously worked with, together with the amount of experience they have in the field. This incudes feedback scores based on the platform guidelines and feedback comments made by their previous clients/employers. The newbies are usually a challenge but it’s always up to you whether you want to take your chances on them, and give them the opportunity to start building their own track record

bullet-iconCheck the freelancing platform’s registration process.

Some marketplaces for freelance jobs may have very lenient guidelines, putting them and the clients at risk of cheap and low-quality service delivery. Have a look at online reviews of these freelancing channels for you to discern which one you’re most likely to get your contractor from.

bullet-iconReview your candidate’s skill tests.

Hiring A Freelancer 004Freelance marketplaces usually encourage their registered contractors to take skill tests to improve their profile. If you’re taking your chance on newbies, their lack of experience and project portfolio may be replaced by the results of their skill tests. Do not just depend on what they write about their skills in their profile as most of them are self-assessed. Skill tests are usually created and developed by agencies partnered with the freelancing platform so their evaluation are reliable. Review your prospective freelancer’s skill tests based on the qualifications you set for the job – e.g. English Skills, Telephone Etiquette, Customer Service Skills, Technical Skills, etc.

bullet-iconReview their completed projects.

Usually, the freelancer’s reputation is backed up by a portfolio of his completed projects. If you see a lot of potential for the freelancer to exceed your own expectations, through his track record, check out his portfolio and see if you’re going to be more impressed. Take the time to see the details if the projects are up on the web instead of merely looking at the gallery or the thumbnails. Their completed projects will speak for their skills and attitude towards work.

bullet-iconBe on the lookout for their qualifications through a test job.

Hiring a Freelancer 005If you’re still not convinced by what you saw in their profile and portfolio, you can give them a trial job and pay them a minimum amount, depending on your agreement. Freelancers would usually agree on a fixed payment for a trial project, or you could also offer to pay them at their regular hourly rate and set a limit to how long they must work on the project for.

bullet-iconAn interview is always recommended.

Instant messaging channels like Skype are always accessible for interviews. As soon as you have received a proposal from a freelancer, you can ask them for an interview over Skype or other communication channels, to which they would usually oblige. This will give you a chance to get to know them more – hence, allowing both of you to build confidence with each other.

It may seem like we’re making it sound so easy but these are just 6 essential things that we believe you should consider if you want to hire a brilliant freelancer to do the job for you. Whether it’s a writing job, a general web-based research, a simple or complex data entry, or just about anything you do not have the time or the manpower for. We will be giving you more tips soon enough about other things you need to consider when hiring a freelancer.